Amy LeeCo-founder

Amy is a founder and Director of Empire Education and is a qualified barrister in England and Wales. She brings her expertise in Law, Public Speaking, Science and English to the teaching portfolio of Empire Education.

Born in Hong Kong, but brought up and educated in England, Amy possesses an extensive further education. This includes an undergraduate degree in Law, Masters in Medical Ethics and Law from King’s College London, a Masters in Law from UCL before qualifying as a barrister from BPP. She very firmly believes in the benefits of the British education system, where the focus is on providing a well-rounded education that promotes an active interest in learning.

Amy discovered a love of teaching when she settled in Hong Kong in 2009. As a barrister herself, Amy knows the critical importance of public speaking, presenting and interview technique, and is impassioned to impart the necessary skills required. She is of the opinion that being able to express yourself clearly and fluidly, not only gives a person an edge in the work environment, but is of vital importance in life.

Her philosophy towards teaching is that if a person thinks of themselves as incapable then that is what they will become, but given the right amount of encouragement, you will achieve things you never dreamed you could achieve.

Amy is an avid reader, a keen scuba diver, enjoys a wide range of music and has an eclectic taste in world teas. Additionally Amy is progressing towards qualifying as a barrister in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong