Why do parents and students continue to choose Empire Education? Read our student testimonials and success stories below:

Michelle was my teacher for almost 6 years and she had supported my learning in so many ways. Not only had she helped me immensely with improving the quality of my writing and strengthening my English language skills, her classes also constantly inspired me to be creative and think outside the box. The atmosphere in her classes was always fun and encouraging, which really boosted my confidence in voicing out my ideas and opinions in class. On top of being an wonderful  English teacher, Michelle has also acted as a friend and mentor for the past years, especially during my University application process. Her advice and support have been invaluable to me and I feel very fortunate to have met her and been her student!


I have been Michelle’s student for nearly four years now and with her help I have improved my English significantly as well as getting high grades in my entrance exams and GCSE coursework. She not only enhances my vocabulary and writing techniques, but also provides precise feedback that lifts the quality of my work to a higher level. It has been such a privilege to be her student and I wish her the best of luck at Empire!


Amy was a great teacher, who taught us well and helped us with our exams. However, she also made the lessons fun, for example, when we were practising analysing poetry for the exams, she always got us to write our own (sometimes silly) poems. We got into our schools in England, but I don’t think we could have done it without Amy.


My classes with Amy really benefitted me, since I started to enjoy English as a subject. I also improved: I got better at writing, not just the grammar aspect, but also the creative aspect. My levels at school improved and I passed my entrance exams , and it was all thanks to Amy! My classes with Kate were so much fun. The work was interesting and there wasn’t just writing; it brought out my creative side. In my ESB exams, Kate helped me reach a distinction and a merit plus. She really boosted my confidence.


Amy taught my 2 children (now aged 13) English and Science over a period of about 2 years, in preparation for entrance exams (11+ and 13+ ) for schools in the UK. The children were successful in their entrance exams, but as importantly, enjoyed their lessons with Amy. She was very thorough in her exam preparation, working through past papers and practice exercises, and teaching them exam technique. However, she also broke up the more serious preparation with fun exercises [(and even a trip to the Science Museum)], to keep them engaged and motivated.