What do our Schools Consultation Services include?

We have a versatile and adaptable Schools Consultation package which addresses the stages which you are at with your child’s education. We can assist in all aspects of your selection process, whether you are only just considering an overseas education or if you have already decided upon a particular school. Looking at your child’s characteristics and your personal goals will help us identify the best schools and help you and your family to explore your options.

We can provide advice on overseas education, including answering your questions on boarding life, and explaining the boarding school concept and educational model. We will also help narrow your list and highlight aspects for consideration and assess your child so that we can identify any areas which may need strengthening before their entrance exam.

Are you an expatriate family looking to move to Hong Kong?

We can assist you with the challenging task of understanding the Hong Kong education system and break it down to make the move smoother. The Education Bureau provide schools that can be broadly split into three groups: government schools, subsidised schools and private schools. Depending on your objectives, we will provide you with information and all the necessary details to enable you come to a decision. Once this is achieved, we can support you and your child through the entrance process.