Education is not just about academics but also social skills and integrating with and understanding those around us. Our Public Speaking lessons are centred on speech, discussion and opinion. Students will be introduced to literature, history, current affairs, social anthropology and ethics. These fundamentals shape our character and allow us to communicate effortlessly with the world around us.

Our courses cover all ages groups:

Young learners 4- 7 years

Intermediate learners 7-11 years

Advanced 12+ years


We offer:

  • Public speaking, debate and presentation:

    Public speaking teaches command of the English language, delivery, diction and expression. Students will be able to use their knowledge in order to eloquently articulate themselves.

    • Young learners: Through poetry, drama and literature, they will learn how to enjoy the basics of communication. We aim to break down the barriers that prevent under-confident children from speaking up. The fun courses may involve arts and crafts, group presentations and a variety of methods that will spark their interests. By introducing your children to public speaking at a young age you will give them a variety of experiences and self-confidence.
    • Intermediate learners: Continuing with poetry, drama and literature, students will hone their skills and start to implement their ideas. Now, their reasoning and interpretation can be expressed in a lively and enthusiastic way. This course will motivate your child to get involved in and enjoy some challenging and rewarding activities.

    • Advanced learners: We will look more closely at language use. Students will look at aspects of advanced debate, interview and presentation skills.

      Topics covered will be:

      • The theory and practice of debating

      • Reasoning and evidence

      • Organisation and prioritisation

      • Listening and response

      • Expression and delivery

    • Adults: The adult courses are adapted to the needs of the individual to enable them to enhance their conversational and presentation skills both in everyday life and the workplace. The courses will be informative and thought-provoking.
  • Speech Festival Preparation:  Speech Festival is a highly competitive event in Hong Kong. It’s popularity arises from the hope of parents to see their child comfortable and confident when placed in front of a crowd. Over the years our teachers have successfully placed students with top marks. We offer an initial six 30 minute lessons in which the following are fine-tuned:
    • Diction
    • Emotion
    • Projection
    • Posture
    • Confidence in front of a crowd
    We make the experience fun and encouraging to equip the students with a real sense of pride and achievement.
  • Critical Thinking This course aims to introduce concepts and techniques to all ages, to enable students to reflect on theirs and others’ reasoning. By analysing and evaluating their own and others’ beliefs and knowledge, they will learn to produce their own arguments and express them coherently. Students will study and be able to comment on current affairs and historical events.