The Empire Adult Courses are defined by the individual. Our aim is to offer comprehensive lessons in all aspects of your life.


The following can be covered:

  • Adult Presentation Skills

    Whether you are looking to fine-tune and deliver, or need guidance in creating a presentation, we can design a unique lesson package just for you. Public-speaking and presenting are essential skills that bolster your career, and in our classes you will learn how to effectively communicate to your clients and co-workers.

  • Adult English Proficiency

    Our specifically targeted sessions ensure that the four key language components (reading, writing, listening and speaking) are successfully attained regardless of your current proficiency. In addition, if your aim is to sit the TOEFL, ESOL or IELTS exam, or the Cambridge Advanced Learners or Proficiency Exam, we can help you develop the skills to prepare for these in conjunction with your particular goal. Our objective is to facilitate the successful development of your English language skills.

  • Adult Business English

    No matter your role, English language is an asset that greatly improves your career prospects. Our aim is to arm you with the tools required to accomplish goals and further your career so that you are in the best possible position to make the most of the opportunities that come your way.

    Our lessons are targeted and include the following:

    • Business correspondence

    • Conferencing skills

    • Day to day business jargon

    • CV writing

    • Job applications and interviews

    • Job-specific language enhancement